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...and Little Ones too!

Full of intrigue and wonder - lots of fun sounds and new words to discover.

...and Little Ones too! is a children's storybook app which tells the tale of an invisible family and their magical adventures through the colourful world in which they live. Beautifully illustrated, it's an original traditional 34 verse rhyming bedtime story written and narrated by a father for his two young children.

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...and Little Ones too! - Full of intrigue and wonder - lots of fun sounds and new words to discover.

Read to me

Adults or children can choose to read the story themselves or have it read aloud by the author. A future update will include user voice recording.


The app features a mode where pages are read and then turned automatically for hands-free use. Interactive elements can be explored in all story modes and include fun sounds and text descriptions.

Fun game

Included in the app is a fun mini-game where children are asked to help the ‘Little Ones’ clear mist from brightly coloured pictures.

Child friendly

The app offers children an experience free from advertising or in-app purchases. The production credits and feedback screen is protected by a delightful numerical child lock. User tested by children aged 3 to 9. 

App features:
• Fully supports all iPad, iPhone and iPod touch models
• Includes retina graphics throughout
• Supports iOS 5+
• Narration can be turned on or off
• Includes auto play hands free feature
• Interactive children's puzzle game
• Record your own version of the story
• Full screen AirPlay mirroring to AppleTV is supported
• iPad only: Every scene has immersive sound effects and interactivity for you to discover
• iPad only: 'For parents' button is locked to prevent children sending feedback

App developed by A5 Multimedia Ltd.
Illustrated by Stephen Heaton.
Music by Owain Llwyd.
Written & Narrated by Mike Brown.
Developed by Aled Morris Brown.

App Store Link [Direct]

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